Science Day at VHS School Pune

Science in Schools

Science is one of the foundational subjects that students are taught in school. Science imparts a basic understanding of how the world around us functions and why things are the way they are. Every little natural phenomenon – from seasons changing to gravity to how the human body works – is explained through science. 

This is why an education can never truly be complete without the inclusion of science in the syllabus. Furthermore, science also acts as a base for a lot of other subjects like mathematics, geography, environmental studies, computers, IT,etc.  

While it is undeniable that science is an essential and foundational subject in school, there is always the concern that technical subjects like science can get too theoretical. 

Sometimes, schools or teachers might focus more on memorization of the concepts, rather than the understanding and application of the same. This sort of approach is geared towards the students achieving high scores, but often neglects the real learning aspect of the child. 



Science Day at VHS

At Vidyanchal High School, it is our topmost objective to ensure that this does not happen, with any subject. We believe in a holistic education and therefore strive to have an equal balance of theory and application, of concepts and creativity, and of thinking and doing. There is no point in learning science if a student is unable to also learn to innovate and be creative in its application. To this end, VHS organises Science Day each year, where our students get to display a blended approach to learning science. 


Science Day is an important event in our academic calendar, one that all students as well as teachers look forward to. It is a day when students get to shine in the spotlight and measure their own learning arc and progress. Here are some of the key benefits of the VHS Science Day:

  • It provides students the opportunity to take their learning outside the class and apply it creatively to invent or innovate in their presentation. 
  • It allows the teachers to observe the progress of their students and the level of understanding displayed through the presentation. 
  • It encourages students to collaborate with their peers and work together to build something fun and useful. 
  • It adds a factor of fun and enjoyment to a tough subject like science and helps break the monotony of classroom or laboratory lectures.
  • A successful presentation helps build the confidence of the student and motivates them to do even better in the subject. 
  • It gets everyone involved, including students who are not interested in science, thus pushing them to explore the subject and find a liking within it. 
  • It builds the spirit of critical thinking, logic, reasoning, problem solving and thinking outside the box. 

Science Day 2022


This year, VHS organised Science Day on 28th February, with all our students present on the school premises physically rather than online. Our students invested a lot of time and effort in the weeks preceding it to plan for and prepare their presentations. 

Teachers were accessible to mentor them on every step of the way, fine tuning their ideas and giving them a proper direction, while also providing the necessary support and encouragement. 

On the day, students dressed in crisp uniforms and masks, were given spaces in the classrooms and hallways to set up their desks. From the young students, to the senior most ones, all put their best foot forward when it came to showing the spirit of innovation and a deep understanding of scientific concepts. 

The presentations were in different forms, depending on the topic. Some students made charts, some made dioramas, some made models or projects, while some others had experimental set-ups. 

These projects were accompanied by verbal explanations of the concepts being displayed and sometimes, even a demonstration. Topics were wide ranging as well – from the earth’s weather systems, to rain water harvesting models, to displays of the periodic table to displays about complex concepts like electricity. The Science Day was a raging success, reinforcing our ideals of the importance of holistic and balanced education where both theory and practice are given equal importance.