Factors to consider while choosing the right school

Choosing a school can be a mammoth task for new parents. Apart from home, the school is where a child spends the maximum amount of time. A school is also a child’s first introduction to the outside world. It is where they learn to socialise, push themselves and grow academically as well as personally. No wonder school is called a second home. Since it is such a big part of a child’s life, there are certain important considerations that go into making the choice regarding which school is right for one’s child. Here are some factors that you should consider while making this important decision:



One of the most important considerations to be made is also the most practical one. The logistics of a school are extremely important in the decision making process. It is preferable to choose a school that is geographically close to your home, so that much time isn’t spent everyday on commuting. Similarly, the timings of the school should match the parents’ schedules, especially in the case of both parents having jobs. Furthermore, the school’s fee structure should also be one that parents are comfortable with and can afford. Thus, logistical details must be checked thoroughly so that inconvenient schools can be ruled out at once. 



A curriculum is more often than not the difference between a good school and a bad one. A balanced, growth-oriented curriculum does wonders for a child, while one that is not properly planned can ruin their academic experiences. Parents must decide which board they want their child to study in and why. Similarly, they should check to see what kind of extracurricular activities like sports, art, music, etc. are included in the school syllabus. A robust and comprehensive curriculum is a must for any school and parents must be vigilant about this point when choosing schools. 



In order to reach their full potential, children need an environment that supports and promotes their growth fully. A school with good facilities provides such an environment, where children are given all the tools necessary to learn and develop in various ways. The school must have adequate security, it should have open spaces and grounds for physical activities, big classrooms with teaching equipment, science labs, computers, etc. are some important facilities to look out for. Furthermore a nurse’s station and a school counsellor are also a must in today’s world. 



Teachers are a tremendous influence in every student’s life. They can shape the entire arc of a child’s academic career and are therefore a top factor to consider when choosing a school. A good teacher can foster growth in their students and create an open, encouraging environment that allows the child to organically develop into a healthy, well-adjusted adult. Teachers can ignite curiosity, a passion for learning, ambition, drive and focus in children. A school with a good faculty is bound to produce students that are unafraid to take on the world. Hence, before choosing a school, ensure you talk to other students and parents and meet some of the faculty to get an idea of the quality and competence of the teachers. 



The school management more often than not sets the tone for the entire school. A school’s vision and philosophy is largely dependent on the leadership and administration and therefore can have a huge impact on the child’s learning. A school should have a progressive, forward thinking management which is constantly evolving to suit the needs of the world. There should be open communication and transparency as well as the ability to take feedback positively. More than anything else, the management should prioritise the students and their growth over everything else. 


At Vidyanchal High School, we believe that nothing matters more than the children, their learning, their well-being and their growth. Our vision and philosophy is to provide a holistic education to our students in the best, most supportive environment possible. With the most highly trained teachers, state-of-the-art facilities and a balanced, comprehensive curriculum, we provide the perfect second home where children can enjoy learning and gain skills and values that will guide them throughout their lives.