Pre Primary school in Aundh

When children are in pre-primary school, they need an enriched environment, the right kind of academic stimulation and encouragement for socialization amongst their peers. This stage in a child’s education prepares them emotionally, mentally, socially and physically for the higher education that they will receive in the future. As a pre-primary school in Aundh, Pune we know, students begin feeling curiosity about the world and this motivates them to begin learning. It becomes a solid foundation for children, allowing them to explore knowledge as they progress.

Pre primary school learning should be fun which is why we at Vidyanchal Pre primary school in Pune adopt practical methods like activity-based learning in our curriculum. At an early stage in life, students should slowly but surely develop an affinity towards learning. For that reason, this approach builds curiosity, boosts confidence and in their holistic growth and development. Some of these activities include field trips to help children form real-life connections, learning by doing (to places like the post office, vegetable market, nursery, model of a village, nature walk, flour mill etc).

Pre primary student playing with puzzle in school

Age Criteria for Pre Primary School Admission

Vidyanchal School, one of the best preschools in Pune, caters to Montessori preschool, and kindergarten school levels. Students between the age group of 2.5 – 3 years can enrol in pre-nursery, while students above 3.5 years and 4.5 years can enrol in KG1/Junior KG and KG2/Senior KG respectively.

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Academic Performance

Through the innovative teaching methods that teachers at VHS use to impart knowledge, students are able to apply their understanding of the concepts in an articulate and organized manner, which results in excellent academic performance.

Meet Our Teachers

The cornerstone of our philosophy and our most valuable asset is our highly dedicated, qualified and motivated staff. We strongly believe in and encourage the career growth of its teachers through regular training sessions, workshops, and seminars held by renowned educators.

They are encouraged to continually upgrade their skills as they reinforce the leading principle: students excel when their teachers excel. At Vidyanchal Pre Primary School Aundh, we have highly trained faculty, who most importantly, are empathetic to the needs of students and employ gentle, motivating techniques in their teaching method, so as to ensure that each student receives personalized support. 

The teachers encourage extracurricular activities so as to teach students skills that are gained outside of academics and to give impetus to develop their imagination and other talents.


Activity based learning

As an institution, we believe in the power of application based learning, which we attempt to offer to our students through various fun activities. These activities not only make theoretical knowledge much more accessible and real, they also promote an understanding of these concepts which is more holistic in nature. Additionally, an important advantage of this teaching method is that academic work becomes less pressurizing and stressful for students. They learn while enjoying the process, while having fun!

Extracurricular activities at VHS are given the same level of importance that academics are. These activities offer students opportunities to discover and explore their talents freely, and develop them by participating in each of them. Through these activities, students will get a chance to build creativity, a competitive spirit, sportsmanship and confidence that will go a long way in personality development.


VHS believes that the infrastructure and amenities of a school play an essential role in shaping student life. In order to provide the very best for our students, we have a well equipped Science laboratory, spacious and comfortable classrooms, a music room, library, computer laboratory and a turf court as well.