About Vidyanchal School

“A school is an institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environment for students under the able guidance of trained, dedicated and compassionate teachers”.

The Vidyanchal School was established in 1996 by a registered trust ‘Abhinav Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’ founded by Mr. Ashok Murkute. Vidyanchal School is a Primary and Secondary School located in Baner, Pune, Maharashtra, India. Vidyanchal School is affiliated to the University of Pune and approved by the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Maharashtra State and All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi. Vidyanchal School is an aided, non-autonomous, non-minority “A” graded School affiliated to the University of Pune.

With an optimum blend of holistic learning, contemporary learning methods and advanced technology, Vidyanchal High School provides holistic and interdisciplinary knowledge that nourishes and sharpens young minds. At our core, we aid in their organized and systematically planned growth and development because we acknowledge its influence on children at an early stage of life. 

Our systematic teaching techniques focus on Activity- based learning, in which students perform and participate in various activities through which they gain knowledge. Each activity tackles a certain concept and through this practical approach students are able to comprehend the subject matter much faster and easily. We also place a lot of emphasis on sports, which we believe contributes to the physical and mental well-being of students, shaping them into healthier individuals, ready to face challenges. Apart from this, we focus on teaching students values, morals and principles which would help them in their future and also encourage them to explore extracurricular skills and talents such as singing, dancing, art and craft, etc.

primary school students in music class at Vidyanchal High School

What drives our purpose of education is to pave the path for bright, responsible and well-informed citizens with an active interest in the world around them. Our school is a premise for theoretically and practically focused along with value-based education and enriching hands-on learning experiences. Adhering to the curriculum set by the Maharashtra State Board (SSC) of Secondary and Higher Education, the school is categorized by time-tested traditional methods with modern innovative techniques that ensure the highest teaching standards.

Recognizing the diversity in the talents and attitudes of our students, we employ flexible methods that acknowledge the learning curve of each student. In addition, we have restricted our class strength to 40 in the primary and secondary school, while the pre-primary school has a teacher-student ratio of 1:20 to enhance holistic learning outcomes.


Mould students into future citizens, who can not only read and write but can also learn, unlearn and relearn.


  • To manifest perfection already in man.
  • To bring out the best facets of our students’ personalities.

At VHS, we endeavour to focus on:

  • Developing effective communication skills.
  • Enabling our students to excel at inter/intraschool competitions, sports and extra-curricular activities.
  • All-round physical and personality development of our students.
  • Teaching our students to adapt to change.


Nurture, enrich and entrust students through sound education to shape them into the most progressive leaders of tomorrow

  • Nurture students who will adapt themselves according to changing times and become an asset for modern society.
  • Develop students to be the most transformative leaders of the  21st Century.
  • Prepare students to understand, contribute and succeed in a rapidly changing society ensuring that they make the world a better and merry place.
  • Entrust students with skills through sound education and equip them with competencies essential for success and leadership in the emerging economy.
Mr. Ashok Murkute, Chairman

THE MANagement

Greetings and Namaskar!

Pune, the Oxford of East, has several educational institutions that have contributed to the industry leaders and academic stalwarts of the country. Vidyanchal High School (VHS), established under the aegis of the Abhinav Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, has flourished in this educational hub, owing to its success in creative and innovative learning approaches adopted by its educationists.

Our school strives to enrich the lives of common people by giving its wards a dream — a dream to achieve their full potential and reach the sky. Education is one of the most effective means of advancing ambition, cultivating a mindset for success, and creating value for the youth of any country. We, at VHS, believe in training the mind, heart and soul of our young achievers to be global citizens.

As the Chairman of Vidyanchal High School, I assure parents that we incorporate the most advanced teaching methods as well as inculcate varied skills in our students to develop all-around personalities.

I look forward to creating a long-term, valuable association with you, dear parents, and seek your support in achieving our goals.

Our latest digital transformation initiatives are progressing well with your support.

We shall see good benefits of insights with new initiatives.

You are the ultimate brand ambassadors of the school and I look forward to creating a long-term valuable learning experience for all of us.

Working on vision of our founder, I believe schools that foster and harness staff commitment perform better. Innovation happens at ground level when we are connected to roots, we learn every day by watching and connecting with our surroundings. Our educators and staff demonstrate their commitment to roots.

Mr. Bhalchandra Murkute
MD and Head of Operations

We make it our aim to provide a beautiful, safe and challenging environment that inspires independence, creativity, social consciousness, personal responsibility and a love for learning. We keep our classrooms intimate and strive daily for excellence both in our environment and in our instructions, so that parents can be sure the Education their children receive, is of the very highest quality..

Ms. Shweta Murkute
Director, Education strategy

Our goal is to closely follow educational methods and philosophies in guiding and nurturing the "complete child". This means teaching them academically, emotionally, and socially.

Ms. Yogita Bahirat
Director, Execution

Continually blaze new trails for students to discover new learning opportunities that will enable them to
be wholesome individuals who believe in themselves and accept the challenges
what the future can offer them.

Ms. Manisha Kulkarni

The purpose of education is to enrich students' lives by generating coherent, expressive thinkers and lifelong learners who are socially responsible, resilient, and global citizens. Education is about teaching students, not subjects. It is about involving pupils in their learning and developing each child's potential.
Education is about looking beyond the child's Intellect,

Ms. Roopali Bhavsar
Vice Principal