Vidyanchal School Pune

A school’s success is determined by its ability to create an environment that fosters healthy competition that incessantly improves learning outcomes, and by the strength of its emotional bond between students and its members. We, at Vidyanchal School, make this possible with large, ventilated classrooms divided into pre-primary, primary and secondary wings. We provide our students with advanced technology and teaching methods to enhance their learning outcomes in academic, non-academic, sports, and fine arts fields that leads to their organized and systematically planned growth.


30th July, 2022

A splash of colors!

These young artists blew our mind at the VHS Monsoon Drawing Competition. We experienced an overwhelming participation of 15 schools & 282 students in the competition with unique ideas, proportionate human figures as well as animals their drawings.

6th July, 2022

Investiture Ceremony, 2022

Wishing our new school council committee prefects, Head Boy and Head Girl the best of luck for the coming year! We hope you shoulder this responsibility with confidence and positivity, resulting in a beautiful academic year ahead!

Why Choose Vidyanchal School

Vidyanchal School Aundh, Pune, instills in its students a deep love for learning, through activity based teaching methods. Our excellent faculty focuses on all-round development of each and every student by utilizing a holistic approach, tackling academics, sports, values, principles, ethics, skill development and other important areas. Adhering to the curriculum set by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Education (SSC), the school is categorized by time-tested traditional methods with modern innovative techniques that ensure the highest teaching standards. VHS is sectioned into Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary wings, each with exceptional faculty and teaching methods, aiming for students’ positive growth.

Secondary School Students studying in at Vidyanchal Shool
Primary students gathering at Vidyanchal School Aundh Pune

Holistic Learning

Vidyanchal School focuses on building an environment in which students are able to grow in a holistic manner. This includes an extremely dynamic educational framework covering a number of facets apart from academics, such as sports, personality development, skill development, community interaction, values and ethics, leadership and creativity. By training students in all these areas, we encourage students to explore and discover themselves, which then helps them become unique, skilled individuals. Our holistic learning programme makes use of an adaptive approach which leads to all-round personality development.

School Levels

Vidyanchal School strengthens students at a very young age as they stand by the thought that students, inculcated with knowledge and values at a young age, achieve success in a better way.




Principal's Message

“A school is an institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environment for students under the able guidance of trained, dedicated and compassionate teachers”