principal's message

“Nurturing the future generations mindfully to equip them to take up challenges in a globally shrinking but technologically expanding world”

I strongly believe that a school can impact the lives of children much more effectively than any other institution. To do that, a proactive stand needs to be taken by the school – its authorities and teachers – to take education beyond the four walls of the classroom and the confines of the textbook. It is also important to teach children life skills as they are at the most flexible stage in school and can be moulded into good individuals. 

I also believe that education does not mean only giving knowledge- that is available to the 21st century digital natives at their fingertips. The need of the day is to guide the students to pick out the important things from a plethora of facts and teach them how to apply the knowledge they gain in real-life situations. It’s a challenging world they are facing so it is our duty as teachers to make them future-ready –

equipped with knowledge, understanding, application and a compassionate attitude.