Having an infrastructure that complements the school’s principles and value is key. This is because a good infrastructure plays a significant role in student performance. Buildings, classrooms, labs, playgrounds, libraries, etc ensure that the school provides a welcomed and safe learning space, collectively. We also believe that school infrastructure is not restricted to its buildings and classrooms. It is also about fostering and harnessing the staff’s commitment to perform effectively.


The play area designed for students includes not just a playground with play equipment like slides, swings and the merry-go-round, but also a basketball court, football court and a large playground for other sports activities, which invite students to indulge in sports.


At VHS, we have brightly lit, long corridors decorated with soft boards which have artwork and projects by students displayed on them in order to keep students motivated to learn.


We have classrooms designed for comfort and interaction, with various arrangements in each classroom based on its requirements.


At VHS, we have a well-equipped Science laboratory and Computer laboratory, ready to pique the curiosity of the students and keep them updated with the latest technology.


computer lab


Our library has a large collection of books, fiction and non-fiction, which encourage students to increase their knowledge intake through reading.