Rajnandini Nimbalkar(2018 passout)

Vidyanchal High school has always been influential in shaping the path of my education. The school had recognised my potential as early as grade 7, and since then motivated me to strive and excel at academics.It encouraged me into numerous intra-school inter school quizzes, workshops, debates, speeches, competitions…..the list goes on. It is because of all these that I developed the mentality of accepting challenges and to toil to excel at academics. It is the reason why I scored 94.40 percent in 10th and then 94.00 in 12th. Now I am a student at IISER Pune and expected to get BsMs degree in 2025 and then hopefully persue PhD. However,when I see my cupboard full of certificates, trophies and medals won at Vidyanchal, the nostalgia and pride of being an ex vidyanchalite that follows is just imposing.

Whatever I am today it is only and only because of VIDYANCHAL SCHOOL. It’s been 2 years that I left the school but it still feels I have the same attraction , same bond with the school .

The school gave me each and everything to make progress in . I did everything in school which I couldn’t have done anywhere else . Things like writing a report to a newspaper , taking part in various competitions , hosting shows . I have got the privilege to become a good personality only and only due to Vidyanchal high school .I am glad I was the school topper of the year 2019 with 94.8 %.I got the opportunity to develop myself as a National basketball player and what not . Lastly I fall short of words to say about this great institution ! The credit goes to each and every teacher contributing !
Thank you for everything !