Monali & Shivshankar Banerjee

We (Monali & Shivshankar Banerjee) as a parent of Devarsh Banerjee from Sr. Kg. wanted to thank you for all the efforts you have taken for our kid. He is really very active in all the classes and doesn’t want to miss any class and it is completely the result of your efforts. We initially thought it would be interesting in the beginning and later kids might lose interest as we know there is a lot of difference in classroom teaching and online teaching but you proved it wrong as he is still very excited to attend all the classes and wants to speak all the time with all of you.
Online teaching and regular classes there is a difference and in early days of lockdown means in summer vacation kids were missing all the activities & even their friends. But after the online school started, you all arranged it so nicely that kids did not miss their activities, they enjoyed all the festivals like Dussehra, Diwali, Makar Sankranti and not missing their friends.
Even Grandparents day was the cherry on the cake, all the kids were so happy and even grandparents participated wholeheartedly. Every month role play was always exciting for kids as they played different different roles..like Devarsh played the roles of Coconut Tree, Ice Cream and Even the Kolkata tram 😊.
This pandemic also gave us the opportunity to spend most of the quality time with our kids. Playing, cooking, craft and helping them in studies. This is obviously the positive thing which we really wanted.
SO we wanted to thank all the teachers like Pooja Mam, Manasi Mam, Shweta Mam, Nilesh Sir, both PT teachers including you. You all are doing good and putting in all the necessary efforts.