Why to Learn German Language at School in Pune (10 Amazing Reasons)

Learning a foreign language in school is advantageous for a variety of reasons. It develops language and communication skills, it allows students to learn about foreign cultures, and it also opens up doors for higher education or residency abroad. In a world that is fast becoming a global village, the more languages one knows, the more opportunities they can avail. However, when students decide to pick up a new language, the choice can be quite tough. While the choice can depend upon one’s personal preference, plans for the future and the field of study, there are certain other considerations to keep in mind too. 


Here is a list of 10 reasons why more and more students are opting to learn German at school in Pune over other foreign languages:


Widely Spoken 


German is the most widely spoken language in the entirety of Europe. Not only is it spoken in Germany, but also in the neighboring countries of Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium and Luxembourg. Furthermore, there is also a significant amount of the German speaking population spread out across Europe in places like Italy, Poland, Denmark, Bosnia, Russia, the Czech Republic, etc. This is why German is one of the most useful languages for ease of communication across Europe. 

In Pune itself, we have a majority of youngsters speaking German language. Learning german language in school adds an age advantage for the students giving them an additional skill to add to their list of achievements.


International Job Opportunities


When most students make a decision regarding which language they should learn, their career and their field of study is an important consideration. Germany is a country with plenty of employment opportunities and a stable economy. Furthermore, it is Europe’s largest economy and the world’s second-largest exporter, along with being world leaders in engineering. Thus, fluency in German opens up careers in fields like medicine, education, logistics, power and utility, finance, engineering, and the automobile sector.


Careers Within India


As mentioned earlier, German opens a lot of doors for an international career. However, it also presents opportunities for employment within India. German MNCs and other International Corporations are always on the lookout for employees with German skills for translation, content writing, training as well as public relations and other such job profiles. Germany’s strong economy has led to an increase in such positions in India. 


Higher Education Opportunities 


Germany is one of the most popular destinations for international students. Not only does the country host a large number of highly ranked universities, especially in fields like engineering, but Germany also offers large scholarships and affordable or even free tuition for public universities and German language education. Knowledge of German can not only allow students to communicate easily, but also offers an opportunity to learn in German. 


Prospects in the Hospitality Sector


Knowing a foreign language is a boon for anyone interested in the hospitality sector in fields like travel, tourism, hotel management, restaurant management, etc. Since Germany has one of the most stable and strong economies, there is a large population of German tourists each year. Millions of German tourists visit India each year, and not all of them are comfortable with English. Thus, being fluent in German can be a big help for anyone interacting with tourists in the hospitality sector and will increase their employability as well. 


Popularity in India


German is one of the most popular foreign languages for Indian students to learn and is the second most popular language here after French. While some may think it is a disadvantage to learn a language that is already popular, there are some important points to be considered. Firstly, the popularity of the language indicates the demand and need for German speakers in today’s job markets. Furthermore, the fact that German is a popular language means that there are unlimited resources and classes available for those who want to learn, the prime being the Max Mueller Bhavan institute for German, which makes learning easier for those interested. 


German Literature, Art and Philosophy


Every country in the world has its own wealth of art, music, literature, movies and philosophy that is unique to that culture. Germany is no different. Famous musicians such as Bach, Beethoven and Mozart; writers like Goethe, Schiller, Kafka; academics like Freud and Jung; philosophers like Kant, Nietzsche, etc. have produced their original works in the German language. For students that are interested in any of these fields, knowledge of German would allow them to read and understand source material and ensure that nothing gets lost in translation. They would get to enjoy German cultural heritage in the language it was meant to be consumed. 


Opportunities in Science and Technology


As mentioned before, Germany is a forerunner in the technical and scientific fields and German is the second most commonly used scientific language after English. Germany is the third largest contributor to research and development and German scientists have gotten multiple Nobel Prizes in physics, medicine, chemistry, etc. over the years. Thus, it is the ideal destination for anyone interested in science and technology and research. Knowledge of German can benefit the careers of research minded students from a young age. 


German Internet Presence 


Germany has the fourth most popular domain extension after countries like Russia and Japan. After English and Russian, the language with the most amount of content on the internet is German. This means that there lies a wealth of information on the internet that can be accessed by anyone with knowledge of German. Students who know German can therefore be exposed to research and information that they might not be able to use otherwise. 


Low difficulty level


German belongs to the same language branch as English, i.e. the West Germanic language tree. This means that a lot of vocabulary and grammar in German is similar to that in English. Furthermore, pronunciations and grammar rules of German are simple and straightforward, unlike other complicated languages like French. Thus, for someone learning a new language for the first time, German is the perfect choice. 




Knowledge of German is an advantageous tool for any student today. Apart from being one of the most widely spoken languages, German is also dominant on the internet, in research, science and technology fields as well as in the hospitality sector. Furthermore, German MNCs and international corporations are always on the lookout for German speakers, thus opening up new career options. Furthermore, it is similar to English and thus can be grasped easily for a first time language learner. 


Due to all these advantages, VIdyanchal School Pune, has a German language subject in its curriculum. To know more about the subject, Get in touch with us.