Importance of Studying Literature

Literature is a school subject that is often not given as much importance as others like maths and science. However, this is a huge error, since literature is as important, if not more, than other technical subjects. Literature is a broad term that includes all types of written texts and books, right from the ancient times to those written by contemporary novelists. Literature is like a treasure trove of knowledge that spurs the students into greatness. It is also a wonderful way to understand the world and analyse the human psyche through fictional characters. Here are some of the reasons why studying literature is extremely important: 

Teaches culture and history

Literature brings the world to a child’s fingertips. Reading books from different time periods and different countries, written by people with varying backgrounds, introduces students to the world at large. It teaches them about the history of different countries, cultural practices, traditions and the way of life people adopt and thus increases their general knowledge. Students who study literature are aware of the happenings in the world and have a better grasp of foreign cultures. 

Fuels imagination

Reading can transport one to a whole other world, filled with fascinating characters and events. Literature often pushes students towards creating their own worlds and allowing their imaginations to run free. Even while reading, a person tends to visualise the events happening in the book, thus exercising their imagination subconsciously. This becomes a fodder for the creativity and imagination of students and fuels them on to greatness. 

Improves communication skills

As mentioned before, literature has a huge impact on the language skills of a student. Similarly, it also improves their communication skills. This is because reading makes them more open, empathetic and gives them a deeper understanding of interpersonal relationships. Furthermore, they are able to articulate their thoughts both verbally and in writing, thus aiding them becoming efficient communicators all through their lives.

Reduces stress

Reading is one of the best hobbies for children as well as adults. It allows one to escape into another world and let one’s imagination run free. It also stimulates our minds creatively and allows us to open up and empathise with fictional characters and circumstances. All of this is excellent for stress reduction. Studying literature often doesn’t feel like studying at all, and rather feels like a break that leaves you rejuvenated and ready to work again.

Increases critical thinking 

Literature is one of the most enjoyable ways to increase critical thinking for children. While reading a book, students are pushed to put themselves in the place of the character and are made to analyse and understand the circumstances and events presented. The authors often ask students to examine themselves through the characters, break down moral dilemmas and present problems that seem to have no solutions. All of this encourages the child to think critically and creatively to better understand the novel at hand. 


At Vidyanchal High School, we continuously strive for the holistic growth of our students. We believe that humanities and arts are as important as sciences and technical subjects for a comprehensive education. Our curriculum is designed to give equal importance to both these types of subjects and we lay extra emphasis on literature, in a bid to inculcate the habit of reading in our students. Through literature, we see our students access the world right from their fingertips.