Importance of Science Education in Schools

Science is a subject that almost every curriculum, all over the world, includes in school. Education without inclusion of sciences is impossible and also incomplete. Science provides us answers to those phenomena that govern the world we live in. It allows us to understand the resources that are available to us, and helps us make the best use of those resources. The progress and growth that humanity has made in this day and age, has all been guided by the scientific spirit of discovery. Here are the major reasons why science education is essential in schools: 

General knowledge

Science is a subject which cannot be avoided if one wants to learn how the world works and why. Physics, chemistry, biology, environmental science, etc. all teach students basic concepts that they have been seeing in the world since the day they were born. It provides the explanation to everyday phenomena such gravity, as well as complex technology such as computers. Science education is the key to helping students discover the how, what, and why of the world they live in.

Critical thinking

Science asks students to be critical about everything that they observe. The basic tenet of any scientific subject is questioning why things are the way they are. Science is aimed at breaking down a concept, analysing its components and finding an answer that would explain it as a whole. Learning scientific concepts thus equips students to break down and critically analyse everything in their lives. It teaches them not to stop asking questions and looking for answers. 

Problem solving

Science is the ultimate problem-solving subject. Throughout the history of the scientific field, great thinkers have observed a problem in society that needs to be solved, or a need that must be met. These needs and problems have driven the pioneers of the world to come up with inventive and innovative solutions that no one thought of before. Learning about inventions and scientific thinking thus hones students’ problem solving skills and strengthens their logic, reasoning and dedication abilities.

Base for other subjects

Almost every subject in school, apart from the arts, is based in science to a certain degree. Scientific innovations have driven history, science explains why the world geography is the way it is, quantitative science is essential in mathematics. Furthermore, social sciences such as economics and psychology also rely on scientific concepts to base their theories around. When students learn about science in school, they are able to comprehend other subjects on a much deeper level and with more ease and effectiveness. 

Modern living 

Living in the modern era without knowledge of science can be a tough job. We live in a world that is practically driven by scientific innovations every minute. The technologies that we are so dependent on, and the facilities that have made our lives so smooth and simple today, are all the result of scientific experimentation and innovation. Thus, in order to understand the world we are living in and to use the current technology to its optimum level, students must have a basic understanding of the scientific concepts that lie underneath it. 


At Vidyanchal High School, we embody the scientific spirit and encourage our students to do the same. We imbibe in our students the qualities like observation, critical thinking, logic, problem solving, innovation and creativity, which have guided scientific growth throughout the world. By providing them the best scientific education that they can receive, we equip the students to go forth and become great thinkers and innovators that can change the world.