Impact of mobile phones on student life

In today’s world, mobile phones are a necessity. Almost every young student has access to one and it is a tool that has changed the way education works as well. The digital world can be a lot to adjust to. Smart phones, the internet, social media, unlimited resources – all can seem a bit overwhelming, but at the same time, these things are indispensable. 

Needless to say, having access to a mobile phone has a massive effect on student life and their educational journey. Like any invention, mobile phones have a good side and a bad. Both of these sides need to be kept in mind, as one tries to understand the extent of impact mobile phones have had on student life. Here are some good and bad ways in which mobile phones have affected students:


Positive Effects of Mobile Phones on Students

  1. The biggest advantage of the mobile phone is the ease of communication. Students can have 24/7 access to their peers, their teachers, their parents, and their friends, meaning that any doubt to be solved or information to be shared can be done in a matter of minutes. This is especially useful during stressful exam times or when students have absenteeism, since they can easily catch up on the work they missed. 
  2. Security and safety of students is another major positive effect of the mobile phone. Through location services and texts or phone calls, parents and teachers can be assured that students are safe and secure at all times. Going to extra classes, taking part in co-curriculars, going out of town on a school trip, etc. has never been more stress free. 
  3. Mobile phones have brought the world into our homes. For students, smartphones represent the endless world of knowledge, at their fingertips. All the information and technology that a student could possibly need, is easily accessible to them at all times, making the process of study much more streamlined and effective. 
  4. Mobile phones have also brought convenience and accessibility to the classroom. Earlier, students that did not have a computer could not research online or avail the services of the internet. However, with smartphones, students have the internet with them all the time, meaning that studying or researching online is extremely fast and convenient.
  5. Mobile phones also have a big role in time management and organisation in a student’s life. Apps like notepads, alarms, reminders, calendars, digital organisers and list-makers help students keep their academic and extra-curricular life on track. They can ensure they never miss an assignment deadline or forget an exam date. 
  6. Apart from aiding students in studying, mobile phones also play a huge role in keeping them stress-free and allowing them some much needed relaxation. Through mobiles, students can listen to music, read books, watch movies, pick up new hobbies, listen to podcasts, play games, connect with their friends and basically partake in activities that will take their mind off work, and give them some time to rejuvenate. 

Negative Effects of Mobile Phones on Students

  1. There is no denying that the biggest distractions in a student’s life comes from the smartphone. A phone offers numerous channels where students can spend time, without even realising how much time is being wasted. Social media, movie streaming platforms, gaming, etc. are all serious distractions that can affect a student’s school life and academic performance severely. 
  2. Mobile phones also come with certain health risks. The blue light of mobile screens have been known to cause problems with eyesight. Similarly, radiation from phones can be harmful for some children. Apart from this, lack of physical exercise, sleep deprivation, headaches are also some health issues that are associated with mobile phone usage. 
  3. One of the biggest perils of mobile phones is the access they provide to social media platforms. Excessive use of social media has been linked not only with physical health issues but also serious mental and emotional health disorders. Social media addiction, cyberbullying, body image issues, depression, anxiety, alienation, etc. are some of the issues that social media and therefore, smartphones are responsible for in young children. 
  4. Since mobile phones bring a world of resources to your fingertips, it also leads to certain resources that are not reliable. Mobile phones can expose students to unreliable sources, misinformation, propaganda, inappropriate content and other such things that can also harm their academic and personal lives to a large extent.

At Vidyanchal High School, we are proud to always adopt a forward-looking, progressive approach, wherein latest technology and modern resources are used for the students’ growth. We incorporate all resources that allow our students to develop their minds and find what they are interested in. However, we are also vigilant about the dangers that such technology poses. VHS strongly believes that a balanced approach is necessary to ensure that this boon does not become a curse.