10 ways to help your child succeed in elementary school in Pune

Elementary school is the first big step in the educational journey of a child. This is the phase that they go from being treated like toddlers to being treated as responsible students.

While preschool prepares children for elementary school to a certain extent, it is still a huge change for students entering elementary school. In preschool, children are still not expected to be fully responsible for themselves and their actions and thus have a lot of leeway.

Similarly, preschool timings might not be as long as school ones and so it is a lot less tiring. On the other hand, elementary school is when students are treated as proper students, with the focus of learning and discipline and thus are expected to behave a certain way.

Here are ten ways in which parents can help their children be ready for this big change and succeed in elementary school:


Familiarise them to the school


Since elementary school is a big change for children, familiarising them with the school and its environment in advance can help them adjust. Taking the school to visit the school campus, see the classes and playground, and interact with their future teachers can help a lot. Similarly, going through the school website and reviewing rules and expectations will prepare them for what lays ahead.


Attend parent-teacher meets


Before beginning the academic year, most elementary schools organise parent-teacher meets where the parents can interact with their child’s future teachers and thus get comfortable. This is a great time to speak to the teacher about their teaching technique and philosophy as well as let them know about your child’s special needs, if any. Furthermore, seeing their parents enthusiastic about their school helps the child get excited too.


Encourage organisation


Once a child begins elementary school, their lives change a lot. They need to get better at managing their time and responsibilities. Similarly they need to take care of themselves and their things. This means that they need to develop organisational skills, which begin at home. Encouraging children to be organised at home can prepare them for school.


Pay attention to health


Elementary school means a drastic change in lifestyle. This can have physical, mental and emotional repercussions too. Thus, it is important to ensure that your child is healthy in all ways. A good diet, proper exercise and good communication can help a lot. A healthy student is one that is ready to learn and face new challenges and thus, this is an important thing to keep in mind. 


Communicate well


As mentioned before, elementary school and the change it brings can lead to stress and instability in a child. Open communication with your child can help alleviate any issues arising from this change in lifestyle. Supporting your child and making them feel heard is essential for their emotional well being and can make them confident and enthusiastic about school and learning. 


Be strict about attendance


Initially, going to school everyday for extended hours might seem tiring for a child. This can lead to them wanting to bunk classes and stay at home. However, it is important that parents be strict about their attendance. By encouraging your child to attend school regularly, you would not only help them get used to the schedule but would also ensure they do not fall behind on learning. 


Teach study techniques


An important difference between preschool and elementary school is the amount of studying the students are expected to do. In order for children to get used to the increased workload, it is important for them to learn how to study. Talking to your child about techniques to increase focus and concentration, as well as making studying fun, is important in this stage and will help them look forward to studying rather than seeing it as a chore.


Keep an eye on homework


Just like a child needs to get used to increased workload, he/she also needs to get used to homework. Many children can feel lazy and unmotivated when they start getting homework. Parents keeping an eye on their assignments, motivating them to work and ensuring they are not falling behind, can help a lot in this stage.


Know disciplinary policies


Every school and class has differing policies when it comes to discipline. It is important for parents to be familiar with the rules and regulations of a child’s class. Parents can have a talk with their children regarding the importance of discipline and also ensure that children are following rules at all times. Extra attention in this regard can motivate children to be more responsible and follow rules well. 


Get involved 


The most important thing for a parent to do when their child goes to elementary school is being involved in the process. When parents are interested, children too get excited about their new life and thus have a much more positive approach. Furthermore, being up to date about the child’s activities can help parents understand how the child is taking the change and whether or not they are adjusting well.