F/O Anika

This one is to appreciate the efforts of Tina Mam who is the class teacher of Class 2-B as you very well know.

We as parents would like to extend a whole-hearted thanks and gratitude to her for the sincere commitment with which she drives the class activities.
Tina Mam is very prompt and timely in her replies for any doubts , queries and clarifications on any topic seeked.

She has been very receptive many times and listens to the parents queries properly and then frames a very constructive reply – the quality we admire about her.

We are especially thankful for the efforts she took to invite you and motivate Anika and then we also had it uploaded on the school website.This was if you remember pertaining to Anika’s third prize which she won in the Inter-school Myelin competition in the story telling section.

Our aim as parents will always be to encourage Anika to do such different things and I see Tina Mam very much aligned and in sync and ready to go that extra mile to inspire kids.She always motivates students for the same.

We are very lucky and fortunate to have Tina Miss as Anika’s class teacher.

Please convey the above to Tina Miss & please do express our sincere thanks and gratitude.