The necessity of personality development in students

What do you visualize when you think of a good personality? A combination of outstanding academic performance and appealing physical appearance? Or having high emotional intelligence and etiquette is enough? Which professional skills would enhance your character in your job resume? Is it being more technically equipped, or soft skills like people management and excellent communication? 


The parameters we set to call someone impressive keep changing as we grow and understand the world through our experiences and observations apart from what is told to us since childhood. Hence, the answers to these questions will differ according to the age group, culture, and upbringing of a person reading this blog. 


Yet, to simplify the world around us, we set certain moral standards that will help us gauge what will make us achieve a healthy life. Some basic to-do’s that won’t ever go in vain, no matter what your goals are. These acts, when practiced in childhood, help us navigate our adult stage much better because unlearning at grown-up age is difficult. 


Schools are the spaces that can cultivate these practices prominently because of the amount of time we invest here. These educational institutions can offer us some life lessons through the environment they serve us in our growth stage. Indulging in scholastic, sports, arts, and community engagement activities, as well as. After all, a student is an individual human more than his/her report card and accolades.

Reasons to focus on the personality development of a student include :

To develop great communication skills –  As common as this sounds, it is the most crucial survival skill to have and does wonders when you master it. Everything around us is about communication, present in different formats. Having the ability to offer a great conversation and understanding goes a long way in one’s life.


It is the ability to listen, observe, and converse appropriately. A great conversation happens when the sender and receiver of the message are in sync. Whether it is interpersonal or group communication. Cultivation of these practices will help children in their learning process not just in school but in family, human relationships, future careers, and various aspects of life. A teacher who showcases abilities will eventually influence students to imitate the same behavior. 


With the inclusion of technology and online education in a student’s daily ritual, the ability to conduct a human-to-human conversation is facing challenges in recent times. This skill is only more important with the passing day and will be in the future, with more advanced automation taking up the space in our routine. 

To have strong self-esteem – A confident and determined person can achieve far better even if he or she is a slow learner. The assurance of being able to keep at it while you fail several times, and be supportive and compassionate of your efforts is important to flourish. Especially in the worst situations, when soft skills are tested more than ever. 


Personality development that ensures cultivating self-care and accountability at the same time, will promote better confidence. In the long-term, that helps a person accept highs and lows objectively and learn from both situations equally well. It also influences people around you in a positive manner.

To improve problem-solving abilities – Being playful and having fun, while accomplishing any task is missed when we are busy thinking about the results and expectations. The most important factor to solve any kind of problem is to have the ability to navigate around it in a rather curious way like most children tend to do when they are toddlers. The wonder and liveliness fade away most of the time as they grow old.  


The ability to solve any issue, in that case, becomes a tedious process. We succumb to the pressure that might affect our physical, emotional, or mental health. It only subjects us to more exhaustion. Inhabiting a constructive way of learning is the core of personality development. The activities we participate in for overall progression help us improve our problem-solving skills.

To have healthy human relationships – Having a mentally and physically healthy persona influences our professional and personal bonds greatly. Materialistic achievements can be treasured well if we have a nurturing relationship with ourselves and others. Our aspirations, thoughts, and actions impact the space we share with these relationships. 


The ultimate progression happening in students supports them in gathering people that are beneficial for their growth. Personality development will enhance the people skills in students and be mindful about who they want to be with as well as maintain them with warmth and kindness.

To inculcate a positive outlook toward life – It suggests positivity in a very rationalistic way where the person will know how to perceive the worst circumstances objectively but also as a way of accumulating knowledge. Focusing on personality development that guides the students on this track will go a long way in their life. 


These pointers are interlinked with each other and serve as an example of how concentrating on the all-around development of a student will be beneficial for them as well as their parents in the future. Vidyanchal highschool believes in providing a safe and secure space for this transformation and promotes the staff that will invest in every individual child’s personal development with grit, affection, and inclusivity. Our institution’s approach is to make these kids ready for life and nurture the individual abilities that will make them flourish in the paths that they choose to pave in the future.