F/O Avaneesh

आमच्या ऑफिसचे स्पोर्ट्स चालू होते… विद्यांचाल school मध्ये.. अवनीश माझ्याबरोबर आला होता.. आमचे delivery मॅनेजर तिथे अवनीशशी खेळत होते…त्यांनी मला विचारलं “तुझा मुलगा विद्यांचाल school मध्ये आहे ना”… मी shocked झाली कारण अवनीश अजून preschool मधेच होता, शाळा आम्ही अजून शोधत होतो…”नाही हो, अजून शाळेत टाकायचं आहे त्याला” मी उत्तर दिलं… “अग तो तर सगळ्यांना […]

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F/O Anika

This one is to appreciate the efforts of Tina Mam who is the class teacher of Class 2-B as you very well know. We as parents would like to extend a whole-hearted thanks and gratitude to her for the sincere commitment with which she drives the class activities. Tina Mam is very prompt and timely

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My daughter is in Sr Kg in Vidyanchal. We have been associated with the school since last 3yrs and my experience is very positive. Teacher gives attention to individual students and helps them learn things at their own pace. Even in this pandemic teachers are getting syllabus covered and preparing kids for the next standard.

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