Holistic Learning at Vidyanchal School Pune

Vidyanchal School focuses on building an environment in which students are able to grow in a holistic manner. This includes an extremely dynamic educational framework covering a number of facets apart from academics, such as sports, personality development, skill development, community interaction, values and ethics, leadership and creativity. By training students in all these areas, we encourage students to explore and discover themselves, which then helps them become unique, skilled individuals. 

Our holistic learning programme makes use of an adaptive approach which leads to all-round personality development. We realise that success in the contemporary world relies on creativity, entrepreneurship, persistence and the freedom to explore. VHS uses an age-appropriate and adaptive approach to allow students to evolve as they grow. While academics are given importance at every turn, other facets such as universal values, ethics, discipline, creativity and personality development are emphasized in the initial years, after which academic achievement, leadership and entrepreneurial skills and focused upon, and key competencies for future careers. 


We prepare students for  excellence in academics by emphasising on imparting knowledge which integrates the best practises in education with unique teaching methodology. Our Activity-Based Learning approach encourages students to participate in collaborative and engaging activities allowing students to learn through practical methods, not merely through reading, experience and discussions. The outcome is optimized academic excellence for every student, which benefits them for their future careers as well.

Secondary Class Girls Playing Basketball at Vidyanchal High School

Sports in School

At VHS, we believe in providing students a large number of options when it comes to indoor and outdoor sports, to encourage them to indulge in any sport that they may enjoy. School sports are foundational activities for students, which can help build physical strength, maintain good mental health, build team spirit and sportsmanship. These qualities play a major role in creating strong, tough individuals, which we at VHS intend for our students to become. 

Ethics, Values and Principles

We at VHS also nurture our students emotionally and spiritually. Some of the most important learnings that our excellent teachers impart are about knowing right from wrong, understanding how one must conduct themselves, managing mental peace and stability and finding a basis of strong values and principles in themselves which they would follow for life.

Personality Development

We focus on building each and every important aspect of a student’s personality through certain specifically designed programmes which aim at teaching critical thinking, social contribution, self-expression and sports. These lead to all-round development of each student, important foundations in these early years of their childhood and young-adulthood. 

Secondary Class Students Reading Books in Library at Vidyanchal School


Creative thinking is something that we believe must be encouraged at an early age within students so as to let them explore their talents, interest areas, identify their competencies and also practice logical and critical thinking. We nurture this creative side of students through a variety of activities based on giving them the freedom to explore beyond measure. 

Secondary School Students studying in class at Vidyanchal Shool

Building leaders

Our programmes and events revolve around concepts of entrepreneurship and leadership among our students to help develop a number of useful skills that they would require later in life. Through interactive sessions and projects which inspire them to figure out solutions to problems on their own, students begin developing leadership skills from a young age at VHS. We also encourage them to practice public speaking and presenting in front of their peers, which builds confidence and an ability to articulate well.

Building Skills

We focus on giving students platforms for skill development, which once again, forms a foundation for various avenues in their life. Through various programmes we teach students real world skills, and through training and experience we ensure they develop soft skills to sharpen their personality. In this manner, we train students in both types of skills for their overall development.