Importance of art appreciation within students

Importance of art appreciation within students in India

Art is an essential part of the human experience. Creating and responding to art is one of the integral experiences in our lives. Art appreciation within students in India, therefore, is an important part of all our lives. Appreciating art does not simply mean observing it. It is a far more complex and intellectual process. 


To properly appreciate art, the audience needs to critically analyse the piece and engage with it fully. Once a person immerses themself into the world created by the art, only then can art be truly appreciated. However, art appreciation is not just important because it is pleasurable. Here are some of the other reasons why art appreciation is important:


Learn historical and social context


Art appreciation allows people to experience another place and time that is far removed from their own. Art is not created in a vacuum and so the social, economic, political and cultural circumstances of the artist permeate through the art and reach the audience. Thus, art analysis is a great way to learn about history and global politics without getting into theory. 




Art is not meant to simply be observed. It is designed and created to elicit certain responses and stimulate the minds of the audience. How a person reacts to a piece of art, reveals a lot about their personality and uniqueness. Appreciating art therefore, can be a great way to reflect upon oneself and one’s own beliefs and personality. It allows people to look within and become more self aware and ignites curiosity. 


Develop inner peace


Art can be used as an escape from one’s everyday life. It allows the audience to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and use their creativity and imagination. The distraction that art appreciation provides can help people achieve inner peace and calmness. Art appreciation soothes the mind and soul and thus is almost like meditation. 


Broaden your horizons


Art can break barriers of time and distance and reach people across physical boundaries. Viewing and appreciating art from another time, place and culture can broaden the viewers’ minds and eradicate biases and narrow-mindedness. It can help people learn and grow and experience the world to the fullest. 


Gain critical thought


Critically analysing a piece of art encourages people to use their intellect in different ways and think out of the box. It pushes people to focus, pay close attention and examine the art as well as their own responses to the art. Thus, appreciating art can be an important part of developing critical thought. 


Understand social impact


Art is not meant for visual pleasure of the viewers. Most of the time, art is meant to convey some social, political or cultural thought. In that sense, art has great social impact and can be essential in transforming society. Art appreciation, therefore, is an important part of understanding the social impact of art and how societies change over time through various art forms. 


Experience togetherness


Art has tremendous potential to bring people together. Appreciating art allows people to find common ground and understand each other more fully. It can communicate the things that cannot be said through words and so it allows people to experience unity in a unique way. 




Art appreciation is a complex process through which the audience can immerse themselves and engage fully with the artist’s vision. It not only provides pleasure to the human mind, but it also allows people to connect to the history and culture of another time. Furthermore, it can encourage people to reflect and thus, grow and develop their minds as well as achieve inner peace. Art appreciation also brings people together and unites them.